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IHCC academy commenced in 2017 in the holy month of Ramadhan as the first Shia Kids Academy in Canberra. The vision of the Academy is to instill in our children the love and teachings of Quran and the Ahlul Bayt. The objective of the academy is to develop children’s understanding of

  • Religious practices
  • Islamic beliefs
  • Knowledge of great personalities of Islam
  • Enhance moral character

The academy grew from 28 students in 2017 to about 60 students in 2021, coming from multicultural backgrounds and within the age group of 4 – 14.  Each year, the academy holds the annual competition in the holy month of Ramadan, in which the students are challenged to demonstrate competencies in Quran memorisation, religious observance, and Tareekh learned over the month.  In addition there are other competitions that have been held throughout the past years such as hadith memorisation, public speaking, vlog production and research quizzes.

The academy incorporates and infuses traditional Islamic topics of

  • Aqa’id
  • Fiqh
  • Akhlaq
  • Tarikh
  • Quran

Lessons are delivered in an easy, attractive, timely and social way. Instructional design, as its heart, uses the Islamic calendar to guide the topic focus throughout the year.  

Each term has a chosen surah of the term, where students memorise a short surah from Quran, one ayah each week. Facilitators go through each ayah, its shan-e-nuzool to relate them to upcoming and past events, and the meaning of easy words in the surah.  Aqa’id, Akhlaq and Tarikh are taught in each class, although are contextualised through various events in the  year through enjoyable resources such as worksheets, art & craft, stories, videos, quizzes & games. Each class ends up with a wudhu and prayer session, providing an opportunity for refining students’ prayers and wudhu practices. Students are also taught short ahkam of the prayers as well every week.


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