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About Islamic Center

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About Imam Hasan Centre Canberra


Imam Hassan Centre Canberra (IHCC) was founded in 2016 in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). It is an independent initiative whose long term vision is to serve the Shia community of Canberra and broader region of Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

Imam Hassan Centre Canberra (IHCC) is a non-profit cultural, educational and charitable organisation with overarching ambition to serve the community. Its objectives are to provide a platform for Shia Muslim-Ithna Ashari followers in ACT to celebrate and commemorate all important events in the Islamic calendar. The organisation/association envisage to develop a community centre which could serve the ongoing social, spiritual, educational, welfare and religious needs of the ACT Shia Muslim Isna-Ashari community.

‘Imam Hasan Centre Canberra’ was named after the First grandson of the Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.A.W. and was established on 20th June 2016 (14th Ramzaan), coinciding with the Celebration of Wiladat of Imam Hasan A.S.  

Our Objective:

  • To facilitate the preservation, propagation and practice, of articles of faith, among Shia community in ACT.
  • To provide venues and facilities to conduct different programs for the religious, social and educational welfare and upliftment of Shia community.
  • To propagate, inculcate and promote understanding of Islam and Islamic values according to the teachings of Ja’fari School of Thought.
  • Enhance engagement and collaboration between IHCC and other similar organisations in Canberra and at broader Australia level.
  • Undertake initiatives that are deemed appropriate to promote harmony and greater understanding with the members and organisations of other faiths, sects and communities.
  • Strive to raise funds through lawful means for the accomplishment of IHCC vision of serving the Shia community.


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